Lead Poisoning

Lead is a neurotoxin.  This means it causes brain injury and other neurological injury.  Children are most susceptible to the harms of lead.  So how does this lead get into our children’s bodies?  There are several sources.  The first is lead paint.  Paint used to have lead added as an ingredient.  The lead stays in the paint.  As that paint begins to peal and chip, the flakes can be, and are, eaten by children.  When a wall with lead paint on it is sanded, in preparation for repainting, the dust created by the sanding contains lead.  If this dust is inhaled, lead is introduced into the body.

Lead is also contained in the paint on many toys.  In the last few years, toys imported from China have been found to have a shockingly high level of lead.  Our children hold these toys close to their bodies, or put the toys in their mouths and they are poisoned.  A friend of mine mentioned today that maybe China is putting the lead in the paint and sending it to us, as a way to get rid of their lead.  It sounds a little far fetched, but it is a devilishly simple way to rid themselves of a big problem at our expense.  If they ever wanted to dominate us, it certainly would be in their best interests to poison our children, in their own homes.  The effect of the poison is to injure the cognitive processes of the brain.   This makes it more difficult for the child to process information and to think.  It would be easy to dominate a nation of impaired people.

Another source of the lead is plates and dishware.  Another friend noticed strange symptoms being exhibited by her child.  For months she sought medical advice.  One doctor suggested that the child might have lead poisoning.   The mother said she knew of no way the child could be exposed to lead.  The doctor suggested she have her plates and dishware tested for lead.  Much to her surprise her dishware tested positive for high levels of lead.  Her dishes included Wedgewood and Spode.  They were wedding presents and Christmas gifts she received from well meaning friends and families.  To her dismay, the dishes were harming her child.

Lead poisoning can be just as devastating as other types of personal injury.  Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning.  If you have any doubt about your child’s toys, or your dishware, have them tested.

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