Drunk Driving and Serious Injuries

We welcome you back to your work week.  As part of our ongoing series of blogs from the perspective of our college age associates, we are proud to present the thoughts of Joseph M. Young, Junior, Indiana University.  Joe is majoring in Religious studies and Psychology.

Drunk driving has a negative connotation in America, for good reason. It can lead to all kinds of accidents driving into a ditch, to a massive multiple car pile-ups. Drunk driving can lead to motorcycle accidents, highway accidents, large truck accidents , semi tractor-trailer accidents, and other trucking accidents.  In any drunk driving accident, serious injuries can occur. These injuries include back injuries, paralysis, brain injury, and permanent impairment. All  these injuries can lead to lost wages, future medical bills, unemployment, disability, and hours and hours of painful physical therapy. Larger bills, bigger fines, and a greater loss of life and limb can result from major collisions caused by drunk driving.

Like any bad habit though, drunk driving is preventable. If a person knows that he or she is prone to drive after they have been drinking, the responsible and right thing to do is for that person to give the keys to a friend. If a friend is not around a responsible person will have to choose not to drink or to stay home all together. There is always a cab, which is possibly one of the best options, provided money is available. Having a sober friend or designated driver is also always a good preventative option.

Unfortunately all of the preventative ideas in the world will not stop some people from drinking and driving. Hopefully, some people can recognize their fault and stop when they realize their error in judgment. If you ever find yourself drunk and need to get somewhere call a friend immediately.

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