Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer Looks At Who is Sue Happy

As an Indiana serious Personal Injury Lawyer, representing injured Hoosiers all over the State of Indiana out of our Indianapolis personal injury law offices, I often hear from my prospective clients, people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others, “I am not sue happy, I just want what is fair.”    Initially I tell my clients, some of whom are still in the hospital when I see them, bedridden with broken bones, brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn s and dog bites, that most Hoosiers are not sue happy.  Most Hoosiers just want what’s fair.   I tell them that their concern over being “sue happy” is the result of vested interests in making people feel that if they asking for what’s fair they are sue happy.  I mean really, who stands to gain if people are afraid of being sue happy, so they do not make a claim.  I will tell you, it is the insurance industry.  Have you ever looked around your town at whose names are on the biggest buildings?  In my town it is insurance companies.  Why, because they make money hand over fist,  They make even more money if they can convince honest people that they are sue happy for asking what’s fair.  I know there are a lot of lawyers advertising on TV and it reflects very poorly on all of us as a profession.  However, compare the amount of lawyer advertising with the number of Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, etc. you see on TV.  And do not be fooled, lawyers are not spending as much as beer and car companies to sponsor college bowl games.   

Indianapolis personal injury lawyerSo whenever you hear anyone say your insurance rates are too high because of lawsuits, ask them where they gets their facts.  My guess is they will be able to give you no facts.  They will simply spout back what they have heard or read from untrustworthy sources.  Then think, well wouldn’t my rates be lower if the companies were not spending so much on TV advertising, sponsoring car races and bowl games?  Resist the urge to follow the crowd.  Demand proof.  Defend your mother, who I know taught you to make up for any harm you do.  If you spill the milk, clean it up.  If you break a window, fix it or pay to have it fixed.  If you do not use care in your life and it causes injury to another- Drunk driving, failing to stop at a stop sign, build a scaffold wrong, make up for the harm by demanding that your insurance company does right by the person who was hurt.  Demand the insurance company does right by the injured person’s family.

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