Indianapolis Injury Attorney on Fireworks Safety

John P. Young, your Indiana Injury Attorney, practicing out of the Indianapolis law firm of Young and Young wishes you a very happy Fourth of July. Remember to fly your American Flag proudly. Remember to honor our country and her defenders, even if you do not agree with everyone, for all her faults America is a sweet dream and a wonderous country. Honor your parents if they have sacrificed for you, if they have not, honor those who have. Celebrate with fireworks, but honor those who have to work early on Monday.

Be Careful:

No booze and fireworks, let your designated fireworks handler light the fuse.

Getting hit with a fireball hurts, only light on a solid surface.

Kids want to look over the top of a shooting firework if they think it takes too long to shoot, keep them back.  An eye is a terrible thing to lose.

Water is the wicked witch’s enemy but it your friend, keep one handy for the duds.

I am sure you like your house, and so do the neighbors, don’t let the ashes fall on the houses.

Fireworks are beautiful for an instant, burns hurt forever.

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