Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Recognize Sam Schmidt Foundation Efforts

At Young and Young we have represented seriously injured Hoosiers dealing with the life altering effects of spinal cord injury. We are Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers.  We have represented Hoosiers coping with quadriplegia, paraplegia and nerve injury.  A closely associated issue to spinal cord injury is vertebral and disc injury.  Often times a traffic accident or drunk driving accident will cause a fracture of one of the vertebrae which can also cause injury to the spinal cord.  Disc injuries also can press on nerves coming from the spinal cord and cause injury to the nerve and or pain, numbness and tingling shooting down the arms or legs.  We have spent time with the best doctors in America, such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists, and physiatrists, to learn the medicine involved in treating these injuries and helping Hoosiers return to happy productive lives.  We think it is important to know the medicine in order to properly educate jurors about the full extent of the spinal cord injury and the adaptive devices and techniques that are so crucial to the welfare of Hoosiers.

 We want to take this time to mention, again, our admiration for Sam Schmidt.  As many of you may know Mr. Sam Schmidt suffered a spinal cord injury while driving his race car in 2001. He is paralyzed with quadriplegia.  Sam has not let his physical injuries interfere with leading a full and productive life.  Mr. Sam Schmidt founded the Sam Schmidt Foundation  ( to help find a cure to spinal cord injury.  The foundations mission is Leading the Charge to Cure Paralysis. Sam Schmidt has made it his mission to help others overcome what they might, originally, believe are insurmountable obstacles.  We represented a young man with a family of four who suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a failure of a climbing tree stand.  Naturally this young man was terrified.  He was depressed.  He worried about how he was going to take care of his family.  He was frightened and angry.  He was considering giving up.  It was painful to watch, and although everyone who came into contact with him helped, he was having great difficulty.  One day Sam Schmidt came to see this young man.  They talked for an hour or more.  After that conversation, everyone could see the strength rising in this young man.  This young man spoke of Sam as a guide through his hardships.  Mr. Sam Schmidt kept in contact with this Young man by phone whenever the young man needed a lift.  The Young man returned to work and until his death ten years later, that young man took care of his family and was a proud Hoosier.

Mr. Sam Schmidt is now re-entering the Izod Indy Car Series. Mr. Schmidt purchased the Fazzt Race Team and is now in charge of Sam Schmidt Motorsports. His driver will be Alex Tagliani with the crew led by Rob Edwards.   We wish Mr. Sam Schmidt great success with his team and hope to see them in the winner’s circle at the Indianapolis 500 in May.

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