Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer Discusses Working and Social Security

 In most instances the rule is in order to be entitled to Social Security Disability, the Worker must not be working.  This rules bumps into the reality that workers who are no longer earning have no income, cannot pay their bills and lose everything before the Social Security Administration approves their application for benefits. There is a rule that allows a worker to work and earn money and still be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits.  The administration allows a disabled person to earn up to $940.00 dollars per month and still be eligible for disability benefits.  The reason for this is simple.  In order to be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, you must be disabled and not be engaged in substantial gainful employment.  Substantial gainful employment is defined, in part by how much income is generated by the employment.  The cut off is periodically adjusted for inflation, but the last time I checked that cut off for the income to be considered substantial gainful employment, that number was $940.00 dollars per month.  This is a gross figure, not a net figure.  This means that the most you can earn is $940.00, not $940.00 after taxes.

 This can be the difference between having to sell everything you own, or losing your home to the tax sale and making it.

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