Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney

John P. Young has 22 years experience representing Hoosiers before the Social Security Administration for Social Security Disability Benefits.  Mr. Young has represented hundreds of claimants, each of whom he met personally with to discuss their claims.  Mr. Young speaks to you directly when you call, personally prepares you for your hearing and personally attends your hearing.  You will not have to deal with anyone but the lawyer who knows how to win before the Social Security Administration.  Mr. Young knows that the key to success is threefold. First, meet with and personally handle all aspects of the claimant’s claim.  Second, know, inside and out the rules, regulations and procedures of the Administration.  Mr. Young has mastered these over the twenty two years he has represented Hoosier claimants.  Third, be prepared.  Thoroughly interview the client about their disability.  Obtain each and every piece of evidence and provide that to the Social Security Administration. This includes medical evidence, evidence from prior employers, evidence from past employment, evidence from vocational rehabilitation. Review each piece of evidence and note how that evidence supports the claim for disability.  Fight to the end for the client.

The Social Security Administration publishes a list of injury illnesses and diseases which may qualify a person for disability.  The list includes spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, either paraplegia or quadriplegia, back injuries including disc injuries, brain injury, blindness, amputation, burns, psychological issues and others.  It matters not how you were injured.  It could be from a highway accident, a drunk driving accident or a construction injury.  What matters is that you have the injury, illness or disease and it is severe enough to meet the criteria set out by the social security administration.  The experienced Indiana Social Security Lawyer knows that to prove the existence of the disability and to prove it is severe enough requires proper documentation.  The competent lawyer will work with the client to make sure that they know all of their options for obtaining the crucial medical documentation, whether it be through resources at the local public hospital, Medicaid, or low income clinics.

John P. Young knows how to maximize your chances of obtaining your Social Security Disability Benefits.  You worked hard but now you cannot work.  You are entitled to those benefits.  Call Mr. Young today, toll free at 1-888-639-5161 or contact him on the web for your immediate, personal, confidential and free of charge initial consultation now.

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