Indiana Serious Personal Injury Lawyer Talks School Zone Safety

On my way to work, I pass through three school Zones.  During the hours of 7:30 -9:00 am and 3:00-4:30 pm, the speed limit is reduced to 25 miles per hour.  In the last week, since school has been in session, I have had drivers race up to my back bumper and tailgate me from three feet behind, honk at me, yell at me and give me the finger,  as he raced around me on the right, all because I was travelling at 25 miles per hour for 2 blocks.  I know these people feel comfortable being that aggressive within the anonymous protection of their air conditioned womb, but I wish, just once we could all have a “It’s a wonderful Life” moment.  I wish that each one of these drivers could feel what it is like to stand over the bed holding the broken body of a child, their child, run over by a driver who wanted to get someplace three minutes faster.  I wish they could feel the agony of dropping that rose on the casket of their child as the most precious gift in their lives turns to dust.  I wish they could be that person on the side of the road tending a memorial to what they have lost.  I wish they could be awakened in the middle of the night to the cries of pain and need because the little body in the next room can no longer walk to go to the bathroom and needs help with taking care of the ordinary activities of living, like making it to the toilet on your own without having an accident.

 I wish Clarence, the Angel, could be with them as they realize the horror they feel when they realize that it was their own lack of caring for the welfare of others that has inflicted these agonies upon them.  Clarence would point out, as they are screaming, “No”, that it is their face upon which they must look as blame is being assessed and meted out.  I wish I could be there as Clarence takes each of them into his arms and comforts them.  Clarence will ask, “Do you believe in the sanctity of life?” and they will sob “I do”. Clarence will ask, “Do you understand the searing pain you cause when you think of no one but yourself?” and they will cry out, “I do, God help me, I do!”. Clarence will ask, “What will you do now?” and they will come to themselves at the stop light, just before the school Zone, sweating and shaking and sobbing, but they will know that honoring the safety rules designed to protect our children is their duty.  They will thank the Lord it was a dream, and smile at the faces of our children from 25 miles per hour and get where they are going three minutes later.

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