Indiana Serious Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Personal Responsibility

We think that we were all taught as children, by our mothers, is a universal truth.  If you make a mess (or cause a harm, or hurt someone, or break a window, and wreck another’s car etc.) you are responsible to admit what you have done and take responsibility to make it right.  This is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I do not know if this is the personal responsibility that all the tort reformer are talking about.  I don’t think it is.  I don’t think it is because the tort reformer’s focus is on making sure the person who is harmed has his rights taken away.  Why do I say this?  Well let’s discuss an example.  In the Indiana Legislature, more and more bills have been introduced over the years to give people who cause others injury immunity for the harm they cause.  What is immunity you ask?  Immunity is a thumb in the eye to your mother’s advice.  Immunity allows a person (or corporation) to cause harm to others and not be responsible for the harm they cause. Last year there were at least thirty bills that sought immunity for various business enterprises.  One such immunity that is now law is for the owners of horse operations.  If you take your child to ride a horse, and the owner puts the saddle on wrong so your child falls, or puts your inexperienced child on a horse that is known to buck off every rider ever placed upon him, and your child falls and breaks a bone, or suffers a brain injury, or is paralyzed, or suffers a wrongful death, your child cannot ask the owner to make up for the harm they caused.  If you ask such a silly question, the horse owner, their insurance company and the insurance company lawyers will first snort, then thumb their nose at you , and if you persist they will threaten you, and you can’t do a thing about it.  You just have to take it.

Of course when someone is allowed to thumb their nose at their own personal responsibility a couple things happen.  First, the incentive to make property, products and other activities safe is reduced.  After all we all know that if there are no consequences, there is little incentive.  Second, the injured child will have to seek Medicare and disability.  So the Taxpayer is now the person responsible for cleaning up the mess.  The mess does not go away, we all now have to make up for what the person who caused the harm refuses to take care of.

We say, NO IMMUNITY!!!   If you cause a harm, be a human being, admit what you have done and be responsible for making it right.  We stand for what our mother knew was right.  We do not need greedy business’s, with political agendas, interfering with the truth.

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