Indiana Serious Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Motor Cycle Safety

We see it quite frequently, a car pulls out in front of a motorcycle and causes serious personal injury or wrongful death of  the motorcyclist.  Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the family of Hamilton County Sheriff Deputy Leanea Nyeayea.  Deputy Nyeayea suffered wrongful death as the result of a collision at the intersection of Kessler Boulevard and Binford Boulevard this past weekend.  Deputy Nyeayea leaves behind his wife and several children.  This very unfortunate collision could have been avoided.  We start by thinking that the car  driver did no intentionally pull out in front of Deputy Nyeayea. Therefore, the driver must not have seen Deputy Nyeayea as the driver pulled out onto Binford. If the driver did not see what was plainly there to see, then one of two things probably occurred. The first is that the driver was in a hurry and  simply glanced to the left as they rolled into the intersection.  The glance did not provide the driver a full field of vision and therefore the driver did not see what was plainly there to see, i.e. Deputy Nyeayea on his motorcycle.  The second possibility also involves the driver being in too much of a hurry.  It is possible that Deputy Nyeayea was in the driver’s blind spot.  We all know that cars have a blind spot.  Based on this knowledge, it is our duty, as drivers, to take extra care to make sure a motorcyclist or car is not in the lane we wish to enter, before we even attempt to enter that lane.

Pulling out in front of a motorcycle causes serious risk of harm to the motorcyclist and can have terrible emotional and economic impact on the family.  In addition, the driver of the car causing the collision, and the wrongful death, has to live with the haunting memory of what their failure to use reasonable care causes.  Please be careful out there for your fellow Hoosiers, their families and your family.

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