Indiana Serious Personal Injury Lawyer and Keeping a Lookout

There is one rule of the road that seems to be violated more than others.  It is keeping a safe lookout.  A corollary to this rule of the road is to keep your car under control.  These are basic rules, so basic that we should not have to talk about them, but we do.  Violations of both these rules resulted in the wrongful death of a motorcyclist yesterday.  To put this another way (and to put it in perspective) a Hoosier died unnecessarily, a dead father cannot look after his children, children of a dead father will bear this burden for the rest of their days, a wife is without her friend and companion, a solid worker is no longer contributing to our society, schools etc.  It is because a driver did not see what was plainly there to see.  Is it because the driver was in a hurry?  I hope not.  She had her own granddaughter in her van as she pulled out of a parking lot and into the path of a man on a motorcycle.  The collision occurred on west 38th Street in Indianapolis.

We all know that motorcycles are on the road.  We all know that a quick glance, without stopping is not enough to always see what is plainly there.  A motorcycle has a bright headlight, it is plainly visible.  Slow down, take a better look.  Care for the life and welfare of the other guy.  He/She probably has a family that loves and needs them.  Even if they do not, they are entitled to live their life.  Be careful.

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