Indiana Serious Personal Injury Lawyer and City Sidewalks

Indianapolis personal injury attorneyLast year, in January and February, we had a series of ice storms that left thick ice on everything.  Hospital emergency rooms were stretched to their limits with falls on ice resulting in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, severe strains, brain injuries, torn rotator cuffs and more. Thank goodness that this year we have not had to battle the ice yet.  However, there is something about the law in the City of Indianapolis regarding sidewalks and snow and ice.  Every property owner in the city is required to keep the sidewalks next to their property clear of snow and ice.  If the property owner does not keep the snow and ice clear of snow and ice, they may be subject to fines.  This law, however, creates no duty on the part of the landowner to keep the sidewalk clear for the benefit of pedestrians.  If you encounter ice on a city sidewalk, left by a property owner, who has done nothing to clear it, do not think that they will be responsible for their actions.  The law does not require them to clear it for anyone but the City.

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