Indiana Serious Injury Talks About What Fair Compensation Means

personal injuryDid you ever get the impression that lawyers talk in a foreign language.  They say things like personal injury when they mean your injury whether it is a broken bone, spine injury, brain injury or any other kind of injury.  The say reasonable care when they mean being careful.  They say just compensation when they really mean to make up for.  This last one is what I really want to talk about.  When we were little and we broke something, our mamas would tell us you have to step up, admit what you did and either fix it or clean it up.  That is exactly what lawyers mean when they talk about fair or just compensation.  Heck, that’s what the word compensation means, to make up for. We all know Mom was right about this.  We all have to live together.  We all want to be free to live our lives, take care of our children and earn a decent living.  We do not want to be hurt  and have that hurt stop us from doing what makes our lives worth living.  In most cases the people who are not being careful (There mind wanders while they are driving etc) do not mean to hurt us, but they did and because they did, they have to fix what they broke or clean up the mess.  If the mess causes you to have medical bills, they need to pay em, all. If the mess costs your wages, they must pay you back for those lost wages.  If the mess causes permanent loss of use of part of your body, they must make up for that. 

 This is all very straight forward, and really is based on what your mother told you about being a good, caring citizen.  Jurors are asked to decided what will fix the mess, when the parties disagree.  Just because the parties disagree does not make either one a bad person or greedy or cheap.  It just means they can’t decide and they need your help as a juror.  When you are asked to be a juror, know that the people before you are just as unacquainted with the system as you and they would rather not be there either.  Be fair, do what your mother told you and you will be fine.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.