Indiana Serious Injury Lawyer takes on Playing with Fire

I think it was Eric Burden, as singer with the Animals who sang, “Don’t you play with me, cause your playing with fire”. The song makes a good point.  Playing with fire will get you burned. Most people have only a very general understanding of the amount of harm burns cause.  Children have no idea the danger they are in. As you know, burns range in severity from first degree (such as a sunburn) to second degree, damage to the top layer of skin causing blisters and third degree which chars several layers of skin. We all know that burns hurt like the dickens, but did you also know that burns heal by creating scar tissue?  Scar tissue does not look like uninjured skin. It does not stretch like uninjured skin.  It does not grow like uninjured skin and it is very sensitive to heat, ultraviolet rays and other common environmental factors.

Of the many dangers associated with burns is infection.  If the burns are over a large percentage of the body, infection is a significant danger that can lead to death.

Some things you can do to protect your family include the placement of smoke detectors in your house.  Talk with your children about stop, drop and roll.  Have a fire escape plan and practice it with your children.  Instruct your children to never go back into a burning home and have a designated meeting place outside the home to meet so that everyone will know who is missing.  Talk to your children about playing with matches and the dangers.  Know where all power lines are into the home and if they travel through trees, make sure the kids stay out of that tree.  One of the hidden dangers of putting gas on a pile you intend to ignite is the fumes from the gas.  You cannot see them but they are all around you.  If you are close to the fire when the match is struck, you will find yourself within the flames of the fumes.

Be safe with fire because medical science is not advanced enough to put you back the way you were before the burns.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.