Indiana Serious Injury Lawyer Suggests We Call it Impaired Driving

 We are Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys.  A big part of what we do is help seriously injured Hoosiers obtain fair compensation for the injuries caused by negligent Hoosiers.  A large portion of those injuries were caused by what we always refer to as drunk drivers. Maybe we should change our words.  Although Mothers Against Drunk Driving has drunk driving in its name, they know that all drivers who are impaired and should not be driving are not drunk on alcohol.  Many drivers are impaired because of the use of illegal street drugs, or the abuse of everyday household products.  Take for instance a tragedy which has befallen a Southern Indiana family. Brandon E. Miller has been charged with causing the death of his step brother in a auto collision where Brandon was impaired on something other than alcohol.  Apparently Brandon Miller was smoking pot, drinking large amounts of cough syrup, to get a high off the chemical in the syrup, and inhaling an aerosol propellants.  One of these chemicals is bad enough, but all three at the same time definitely caused Mr. Miller to be impaired.  Mr. Miller chose to drive in this impaired state and ran off the road into trees.  The collision killed Mr. Miller’s step brother Ryan Vanhentenryck.   Our sympathies go out to this family and we sincerely hope that Mr. Miller will turn his life around, to honor the loss of his brother.

We take this time to inform our readers that an arrest has been made in the hit and run collision we discussed recently. Geoffrey Collins, age 24 has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.  David Smith died of injuries sustained in the collision and Jason Pedigo is in serious condition at Methodist Hospital. Apparently Mr. Collins admits he was driving the car that killed Mr. Smith and seriously injured Mr. Pedigo.  Thanks to the citizen who provided the police the tip that led to Mr. Collins.  We also salute the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for their fine work in bringing this criminal to justice.

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