Indiana Serious Injury Lawyer Examines Pool Safety.

Pool Safety The hot weather is now upon us.  As I was walking my dogs yesterday, I heard the screams of delight as the first day of the pool season began.  I could remember my own excitement at being the first one in, when I could first touch the drain in the deep end, and the first time I jumped off the high dive (It looks a lot higher on the board than it does on the ground). What great memories.  Then, this morning I received word that a child is in the hospital in critical condition after being found at the bottom of a pool.  The incident happened yesterday at the Valley Brook Trailer park community pool. The child, a 13  year old was celebrating his birthday.  Party goers spotted the boy at the bottom of the pool.  He  was pulled from the pool and CPR was performed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young man and to the young man for a speedy and total recovery.

It is amazing how fast bad things can happen at a pool.  It seems everyone else is watching the children in the pool and it turns out nobody is.  To combat this there should be a designated lifeguard.  If the pool does not supply one, then the parents at the pool should agree among themselves who will be the designated lifeguard.  This person should only be assigned a 15-20 minute shift and should be sober and responsible.  Once the shift is over, the next designated lifeguard should take watch.  The life guard should be able to swim, but if not, then to be able to operate a whistle or other attention grabbing device. The lifeguard’s job is to watch the activity in the pool.  They must avoid from getting into a conversation with anyone or taking pictures or anything else that will distract the life guard.   As we see with the young man discussed above bad things can happen in an instant.  Preparation and planning are your best defense against a life time of regret.

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