Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys Talk About Personal Responsibility

 This week, Justice Holifield, a 13 year old student at Harshman Middle School in Indianapolis, along with other students decided to ride with their teacher, Kyle Bieda, to the store to pick up some necessary items for their participation in a band contest.  The trip was innocent, no allegations of the type we are used to seeing when a sad story about a student and teacher usually make the papers.  Unfortunately, the teacher, Kyle Bieda appears to have failed to yield the right of way to a semi-tractor trailer resulting in a highway accident that resulted in the wrongful death of Justice Holifield. Other students in the car sustained serious injury. We are certain that Kyle Bieda did not intend the harm caused, however, as we all are taught by our mothers, Kyle Bieda is responsible for making up for the harm caused by the negligence.

Kyle Bieda cannot  change that his negligence caused Justice Holifield’s death.  Kyle Bieda cannot take away the serious injuries to the other students, caused by his negligence.  However he can compensate those families by paying for the medical bills, funeral bills and burial costs.  He can compensate the families by making up for the pain he caused.  He can compensate the families by making up for the loss of love he caused.  He does this by being a good citizen and following the law that requires him, and every other driver, to maintain liability insurance on his car.  His insurance will make up for the harm he caused as best as humans can possibly do after such a tragedy, by compensating the victims of his negligence.

As Mr. Bieda was taking the children to the store as part of his job, the school corporation’s insurance company will also have a responsibility to help make up for the harm caused.  That is because Mr. Bieda’s work is a benefit to the School corporation and therefore the school corporation must share in the responsibility for the harm caused.

 Our prayers and hopes go out to the family of Justice Holifield.  We hope that he memories will sustain you through this very trying time.

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