Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys Explore the Dangers to Pedestrians

We are your Indiana serious injury lawyers.  Our experiences, in travelling all over the State of Indiana representing seriously injured Hoosiers, has taught us a great deal about the dangers cars pose to pedestrians. It may seem obvious that in a pedestrian car accident, the car will always win, but these injuries keep happening.  We are saddened to read of the untimely wrongful death of Hadliegh Cave. On March 4, 2011 Ms. Hadliegh cave was hit, and killed along Franklin road south of Thompson Road.  Unfortunately, Hadliegh Cave was apparently tempting fate by running into traffic with her friends.  It is not clear if this account is accurate, but if it is, let it stand as a warning to all pedestrians.  As much as you can, walk in areas where there are no cars.  Never, play chicken with cars.  Always keep yourself safe first.

 Some safety tips for pedestrians.  If there is a sidewalk, use it.  If there are two routes that will get you to the same place and one route does not have a sidewalk, use the route with the sidewalk.  If there is no sidewalk, always walk against traffic so you can always see what is coming at you.  Never assume a car can see you.  Of course you should wear bright clothing, preferably reflective clothing, but always know that you may not be seen and be prepared to reach a zone of safety on a moment’s notice.  If there is no sidewalk, do not walk on the edge of the road, walk as far from traffic as you can.

 Always expect the unexpected.  Car drivers make mistakes, especially if they are talking on a phone or texting. Keep this in mind as you are walking and be prepared to move fast.  Pay attention to what is happening around you at all times.  If you are not, you cannot react quickly and may be in danger. Obey all traffic lights as you are walking.  Walk in cross walks.  Walking at night, especially where there are no street lights and or it is raining presents additional danger for not being seen.

Be careful out there.

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