Indianapolis drunk driving accident warnings

The lawyers of Young & Young are proud to be Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys.  We travel all over the state representing seriously injured Hoosiers from our Indianapolis offices.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season and a safe New Year.  If you are like us you were concerned about drunk driving on New Year’s Eve.  I know you spoke directly to your children and told them to minimize their driving on that night.  For your older children, the warning against drunk driving cannot be heard too often or too loudly.  In Indianapolis, the cab companies offered free rides to anyone over the age of 21.  What a great way to build a good relationship with our community and to keep our families safe.

Drunk driving accidents happen every night, not just on New Year’s Eve.  Warn your children to be careful always.   Drunk driving accidents are always serious, and can lead to serious injury and wrongful death. Our hearts go out to families torn apart by the careless and thoughtless few who choose to get behind the wheel and cause mayhem.  We would like you to know that we take these cases very seriously.  We work with the finest accident reconstructionists, and police agencies to understand exactly what happens in these drunk driving accidents.  We also work closely with nationally known doctors to understand the medicine associated with serious injuries including brain injury, spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, broken bones, blindness, burns and scarring and wrongful death.  We know you need answers.  We know you are angry.  We know you want a tough and aggressive lawyer to make sure your family is fairly compensated.  We also study the law associated with underinsured and uninsured motorist insurance coverage.  John P. Young has been a lecturer to lawyers across the state about these issues for the last nine years.

We are sorry to report that an Indianapolis woman was critically injured yesterday when she was hit by a hit and run driver.  Now it is true that not every hit and run driver is a drunk driver, but quite a few are.  They run because they are scared they will be caught drinking and driving.  They run because they are cowards and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.  They know they are leaving another human being injured or dyeing on the side of the road, but they don’t care. Tabetha Lynn’s car broke down at about 9:35 pm in the 4600 block of E. 16th street.  Her emergency flashers were working.  She was standing by her car when an SUV ran into the back of her car and hit her.  Ms. Lynn was left unconscious in the street. If you know the identity of the car and or driver who left the scene, please call crime stoppers.  Your tip is confidential and anonymous.

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