Indiana Serious Injury Attorney Provides Medical Malpractice Information

There are many , many wonderful, competent and caring doctors in Indiana, and we are lucky to have them to care for us.   However, we all know that there are some doctors who may not be up to the task.  One way to check on your doctor is to go to the Indiana Department of Insurance databank on claims against doctor.  The site can be found at:  When you reach the site, select “Search for Providers”.  This will take you to a screen that will contain a list of options.  You want to select “individual”.  This will produce a screen that allows you to type in the doctors name.  I recommend typing in only the first name and then hitting search.  This may give you many doctors with the last name, but if you have the first name or the address or the specialty of the doctor, you should be able to find the doctor.  Once you have the right doctor, hit the “select” button to the left of the name and you will be allowed to search for claims made against the doctor.

The claims page will present all the claims that have been made against the doctor.  Do not stop here.  Some of these claims were dismissed, some were found not to be malpractice, but some are found to be malpractice. Some of the more important information on these pages is the “panel Opinion”  which is the decision of the three panel of doctors who reviewed the case.  Also look to see if there was a payment or a settlement, as that is an indication that malpractice took place.

As an example, a Dr. Svabek has 17 claims made against him.  A review of all these claims show that some were dismissed, some were found to be malpractice and some are pending. Good luck in your research.  If you need any help give us a call.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.