Indiana Serious Injury Attorney Looks At Jim Kittle’s Drunk Driving Admission

He is a man from a wealthy and prominent Indiana family.  He runs a very successful furniture business.  He is the former head of the Indiana State Republicans.  He had hopes of high political office.  Now Jim Kittle is the center of attention for another reason.  He chose to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.  This is not merely an allegation, Mr. Kittle has accepted a plea agreement and has admitted his mistake.  The plea deal does not call for jail time.  This is Mr. Kittle’s first offense and jail time likely will not be of benefit to either Mr. Kittle or society.  I recognize that everyone makes mistakes.  I recognize that jail will not likely do any good in this situation.  That being said, I want to take this situation as an opportunity to reinforce the message: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.         

 Mr. Kittle you were lucky.  No, that’s not really the point.  Some Hoosier family, maybe mine, maybe yours, was lucky when you decided to get behind the wheel after too many. Hoosiers were lucky because the harm you could have caused did not happen.  You could have caused the wrongful death of my mother.  You could have caused a drunk driving accident that caused a spinal cord injury to my son and paralyzed him and his life. Your drunk driving accident could have brain injured a bright and energetic Hoosier who would then no longer be able to live their life as they wanted to.  You could have caused broken bones to an innocent child.  And for what?

 Mr. Kittle, did you stop to think that any of the people you could have hurt would probably have to had to go on disability and be taken care of by the Medicare system.  So, all of society would have had to pay to support the Hoosier you could have wrecked in an instant of bad judgment.   I have heard you speak.  I know you are a social and fiscal conservative.  Your drinking and driving is consistent with neither fiscal conservatism nor social conservatism. Your actions are hypocritical.   These are harsh words, I know, but they pale in comparison with the harsh realities of the devastation you could have inflicted with your careless actions.  Now is the time to do the right thing.  Do not hide in shame.  Stand up, speak to the people.  Tell the people what you have done, why it is wrong and what you are doing to make sure it never happens again.  Maybe an act of selflessness such as this will help another Hoosier avoid the mistakes you have made.  Now is your time to be a man. HOOSIERS: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

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