Indiana Serious Injury Attorney is upset with Greenwood Drunk Driving Mother

As most of my regular readers know, I am not fond of people who drink and drive. It is a selfish act, part of that what’s good for me is good way of thinking no matter how it might affect fellow Hoosiers.  Well, I can tell you how drunk driving accidents affect your fellow Hoosiers, it causes them to mourn the wrongful death of their loved ones. Drunk driving accidents take parents away from children, including their guidance and their support.  Drunk driving accidents take away your fellow Hoosiers ability to walk if they have a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia. It takes away their freedom from pain caused by broken bones, burns and amputation.  Drunk driving crashes take away a parents hopes for a bright future for their injured or wrongfully killed children.

Auto Accident AttorneyWell, just when you thought it could not get any worse, a mother takes her small child on a wild drunken ride, resulting g in the car crashing into a house. Cathy Crawley, Greenwood, endangered her child, the Hoosier home owners and herself by drinking and driving. She likely has an alcohol problem she is not dealing with.  Her license has already been suspended for life for other infractions.  Well, if the proof is strong that Ms. Crawley was drinking and driving on a suspended license with her child in the car, then she is not learning her lesson.  We say, take away her liberty before she kills someone. If she cannot control herself, we must control her.  That is a real shame, but what else can be done.  Ms. Crawley alcohol is already taking you away from your family.  Maybe jail will help you understand your issues and make you seek help.  We hope so for your sake, for your daughters sake and for all Hoosiers’ sake.

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