Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Winter Driving Tips

Indiana Accident Attorney

In Indiana we must drive in the snow for three to five months out of the year.  Driving in the snow does not reduce the amount of care a driver must use in order to drive safely.  We are all bound to use reasonable care when driving.  This means that in snow, we must drive a little slower, give ourselves more time to get where we are going and put a little more distance between ourselves and the driver in front of us.  We must use care to remove the ice and snow from our windows, so that our vision is not  blocked.  We must remover accumulations of snow and ice from around our head lights and brake lights to increase our visibility and increase the chances of being seen by other drivers.  We must ensure that our tires have a good tread to give us as much traction as we can get on the snow.  We must slow down farther away from stoplights and stop signs so that we do not slide into the intersection.  We must make sure we have sufficient wiper fluid in the reservoir so that when the salt collects on our wind shield we can effectively wipe it away.

As always, we must not drink and drive.  Drunk driving collisions are more frequent in the snow because the drunk driver has even less control and reaction time.

Take your time, give yourself plenty of room and give the other driver a break.  If we do we can all get where we are going safe and sound.

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