Indiana Injury Attorney on Negligent Driving

John P. Young is your Indiana Injury Attorney.  Practicing with the firm of Young and Young, in Indianapolis, Mr. Young has been working exclusively for injured Hoosiers for more than 22 years.  Mr. Young represents Hoosiers seriously injured by the negligence of others.  Negligence is the failure to act like a reasonable person.  Examples include that reasonable drivers stop at stop signs and obey the rules of the road, reasonable drivers do not drive drunk, reasonable truck drivers follow the rules of the road and the rules set out for them by the Federal Highway Safety Administration, reasonable contractors put safety first by following OSHA rules and regulations.  It is not tough to act reasonable.  It just takes a little thought. Remember it may be your mother or father in that other car.

Because we represent people with serious injuries, we have learned much about the medicine involved in brain injury, amputation, spinal cord injury, burns, blindness, broken bones, and the factors that lead up to wrongful death.  Unfortunately the roads present an ever present danger along with the multitude of benefits.  In Brownsburg, Indiana Sunday a young woman died in a two car accident. Kaytlyn P. Merritt, a recent high school graduate was pronounced dead at the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  The auto accident happened about 10:30 p.m. Ms. Merritt was a passenger in the car driven by Lauren Amburgy.  Ms. Amburgy was travelling on Ind. 267 when she turned left off 267, attempting to head north on Northfield.  Unfortunately, Ms. Amburgy turned into the path of the oncoming car driven by Hunter Weaver. Young and Young offers their sincerest sympathies to the Merritt and Amburgy families.

If the information in this report is true (we always take news reports with a grain of salt because our more thorough investigations sometimes reveal errors in news reports) then Ms. Amburgy was a negligent driver.  The rules of the road require her to wait for the car with the right of way to pass before turning.  Failure to follow the rules of the road, without a good reason for not doing so, is negligence.  We understand that Ms. Amburgy did not intend to be negligent, nor did she intend to harm her friend, but her actions were negligent, and she must make up for the harm she caused to the Merritt family.          

If you, a friend or a loved one, have been injured as a result of another’s negligence, call John P. Young toll free at 1-888-639-5161 or contact him on the web at  Mr. Young guarantees there will be no fee unless you recover fair compensation for your injuries.

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