Indiana Injury Attorney on Lost Carmel Teens

John P. Young is your Indiana/Indianapolis Injury Attorney.  Young and Young has served injured Hoosiers and their families since 1954.  The Young family has had a member of the family practicing in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area for more than 106 years, beginning with Howard S. Young, Sr. who began his practice in 1904.  Over those years we have helped Hoosiers who have been injured in many types of accidents, including highway accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents car crashes, explosions, bleacher collapses, injuries from defective products.  We are a full service law firm helping disabled people obtain their Social Security Disability Benefits.

We were saddened to read about the young man who made a decision based on inexperience and teenaged judgment to take his father’s car and take his two friends for a joy ride.  As is often the case youthful indiscretion and lack of experience combined to cost the two passengers their lives.  The way we see it, the criminal justice system is not an effective tool in this case to deter future behavior.  It is a tool, do not get me wrong, but putting this young man in jail, and teaching him how to become a criminal helps no one.  Instead, the criminal justice system should ensure that he speaks to other teens and spreads the word about the dangers of making a hasty and frightful decision.  The criminal justice system can put him on probation and keep an eye on him.  Hoepfully, that young man will obtain his high school diploma, and maybe a college degree, and honor the lives of those young men in the car by making a success of his life.  Success includes living his life for others.

What part does the civil justice system play here?  As our mothers have taught us, and as this young man’s mother surely taught him, he has made a mess, it is up to him to make up for it.  This can be done by encouraging his insurance company to compensate the families of the two you men for the costs associated with their funeral and burial, and the medical bills for the treatment they may have received after the collision.  The loss of a child rates as one of the most traumatic events a person can endure.  You are not supposed to survive your children.  Though the money from the insurance company cannot bring back those young men, making sure he makes up for the harm he caused includes compensation for the loss of love and affection caused to those families.

Godspeed, young man. Honor your friends by living a courageous life. Make up for the harm you caused as best you can.

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