Indiana Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Salutes MADD

John P. Young is your Indiana drunk driving accident lawyer.  Mr. Young practices out of Indianapolis with his partners at Young & Young.  Young & Young was founded in 1954 with the sole purpose of assisting Hoosiers injured in accidents including drunk driving accidents.  For over 56 years Young & Young has been hard at work using the law to help Hoosier families get back on their feet with the aid of fair compensation for their injuries.  We have been studying the medicine involved in accident cases for those 56 years.  We have learned from local, national and international experts in medicine all about the medicine necessary to treat serious personal injuries.  Knowing this medicine assist us in teaching jurors all about your injuries, what it will take to heal your injuries and why you deserve fair compensation for those injuries.

At Young & Young we respect organizations which work tirelessly to educate the    public about the dangers of drunk driving.  We salute Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  MADD was started by a grieving mother whose child suffered a wrongful death at the hands of a drunk driving accident.  At that time society looked the other way when it came to the crime of drunk driving.  We seemed to think hey everyone does it, it is not so bad.  Losing a child is the most traumatic event a person can live through.  Worse yet, to know that a drunk driver was responsible is worse yet.  Thank you to the people dedicated to educating the public that have led to stiffer penalties and intolerance in society.

We have frank discussions with our children about the dangers of alcohol.  Part of those discussions are that if you have chosen to drink, do not, under any circumstance try to drive.  Call us, we will come pick you up.  We will discuss, the next day, their choice to drink, but we will never find fault with the call that keeps them from getting behind the wheel.  You can find ideas about how to talk with your children by visiting the MADD website.

Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents is everyone’s business – it is in all our best interests, it may be our child lost to the drunk driver.  Let’s put a stop to it.

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