Indiana Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Keeps Eye on Criminal Prosecution

John P. Young is your Indiana drunk driving accident lawyer.  Mr. Young knows that keeping tabs on the criminal prosecution of the drunk driver who caused your injuries is crucial to helping you recover fair compensation for your injuries.  Why is it so important?

We know from experience that drunk driving accidents can be devastating.  Your injuries will probably be worse if it is a motorcycle accident.  Those injuries may include broken bones, spinal cord injuries including paraplegia and quadriplegia, brain injury, scarring and even wrongful death.  With these kinds of injuries, you will build up medical bills fast.  You may not be able to work immediately after the accident and for a long time after.  Therefore handling your claim against the drunk driver right is crucial.  Mr. Young knows working with your investigating police and prosecutor is very important.

It is important for many reasons.  The police should do a thorough investigation of the facts leading up to, during and after the collision.  This includes taking measurements and pictures at the scene, talking to witnesses, taking evidence to test the drunk driver (breath and blood tests).  Our investigation follows the police investigation to collect any evidence which might have been missed.  We work with the police, not against them, to insure all the evidence is collected.  We follow the prosecution of the drunk driver, providing any and all information they may need. We also consult with our client who has been requested to speak with the prosecutor about the prosecution, just to make them feel more comfortable with the process.

If the drunk driver is convicted, or accepts a plea agreement, we obtain the transcripts of the drunk driver’s admissions.  These admission are admissible in civil court (where we bring the claim for fair compensation for your injuries) to prove that the drunk driver was negligent and caused your injuries.  This is a very efficient and effective method of establishing the drunk driver’s obligation to make up for the harm he/she caused you and your family.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, in a drunk driver accident, call John P. Young for a free consultation.  Mr. Young and his partners will work for you and with you to protect you and your family.

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