Indiana Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer discusses Drunk Boating

We all know about drunk driving accidents and how they cause wrongful death and serious personal injury to the victims. I have written several blog entries on the subject of DWI. Given all the attention to automobiles, it is likely that boating while intoxicated may be overlooked.  The laws against operating a motor vehicle apply with equal force to motor boats, after all, a motor boat is a motor vehicle.  It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle, including a motor boat with a blood alcohol level of .08 or more.  It is also illegal to operate a motor boat in an impaired state. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and other law enforcement agencies, are charged with the task of enforcing these laws on our state lakes, reservoirs and rivers.  That’s right, it is illegal  operate a boat on White River in an impaired state.  I know it has been more than twenty years ago, but the shock of the accident is still strong.  Two boats collided on the white river near the Keystone Bridge in Indianapolis.  One boat was taking a slow cruise.  The other boat was travelling at a high speed.  The fast moving craft road up and over the slower moving vessel and killed a passenger on the slower moving vessel.  Alcohol was a factor in the collision.

We recommend that boaters take the same preventative steps as car travelers and designate a designated driver.  Bring plenty of water and soft drinks.  These soft drinks and water are not only for the designated driver, but are also for the others on the boat.  The combination of consuming alcohol in the direct sun will cause dehydration, a dangerous condition. We love to boat.  We love to boat with our friends.  We love people who take responsibility for their actions by planning ahead and are prepared to protect themselves and all others on the waterways.

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