Indiana Brain Injury Attorney

If you are interested in brain injury, you should consider becoming a member of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana.  You can contact them at is the contact point for families and friends of Hoosiers coping with brain injury.  The Association was founded by a group of Hoosier families who found themselves trying to help a loved one cope with the severe effects of a brain injury.  They found that there was no coordinated effort to help families deal with the needs of their loved one and thus started the Association to help themselves and Hoosiers who surely would follow.  The idea of the Association is to ensure that families and friends of brain injured Hoosiers have access, from a single point, to all information currently available about resources to help their loved ones cope with their brain injury.  The Association preaches prevention as the best way to deal with brain injury.  In many instances the effects of brain injury are permanent and life altering.  The best way to cope with brain injury is to prevent it.  The Association preaches bicycle safety, helmet use, and other ways to avoid brain injury.

The Association also is a fabulous educational resource.  The Association has many differing types of educational materials to help educate those new to the effects of brain injury.  The Association also holds seminars with speakers from all facets of the brain injury experience.  These folks range from neurologists and neurosurgeons, to neuropsychologists to rehabilitation specialists to adaptive living specialists.  Survivors  and their families are also speaking directly to those new to the issues.  Who better to help brain injured Hoosiers than Hoosiers who have already been down that path.  The Association sponsors support groups all over the State of Indiana.  These groups are wonderful for allowing you to tell your story, hear about how others are coping and the newest and best therapies to help.

John P. Young, as a former Chair of the Board of Directors, has the knowledge and experience to help you and your loved one obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  Contact Mr. Young toll free 1-888-639-5161 or on the web at for your private, confidential and no charge consultation.  We do not charge a fee until we successfully obtain fair compensation for you.

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