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Young and Young is your Indianapolis accident lawyer.  Young and Young represents Hoosiers with severe personal injury caused by the negligence of others. We represent those with amputations, brain injury, spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, blindness, burns and scarring as well as all other severe personal injury.  We represent those severely injured in drunk driving accidents, highway accidents, automobile accidents, and all other types of accidents where Hoosiers have suffered serious personal injury.

Young and Young wants you to know about concerns over defibrillator failures.  You know about defibrillators.  These are the machines you see in schools and other public building hanging on the wall in a box with a glass front.  The purpose of these defibrillators is to provide instant heart shocking power to a patient to get the heart pumping again.  Doctors tell us that in many case if you can shock a stopped heart quickly enough, the chances of the person suffering the heart attack recovering increase a lot.  The problem is, a lot of the defibrillators are not working. If the defibrillator is not working properly the heart attack patient will likely die. In the last 5 years, the FDA has received more than 28,000 reports of defibrillators not working.  We think it is not surprising that the manufacturers of the defibrillators have issued more than 68 recalls involving hundreds of thousands of machines.  It is our position that the FDA is a useful tool, but like all government programs it cannot effectively deal with the magnitude of the problem.  We fully endorse the idea that if you make a mess, or cause a problem, you are fully responsible for making up for  the harm you cause.  Further you have to fully make up for that harm.

Big corporations want the public to believe that lawsuits are ruining our economy and hurt our international competitiveness.  Yet these same corporation howl when government regulates them.  Well you can’t have it both ways.  Legitimate lawsuits are the most highly effective method of making corporations clean up their messes and the harm caused by those messes. The civil justice system costs nothing in taxes, nothing in administrative fees, nothing in regulatory costs.  Certainly the civil justice system places costs on products, but it is better than allowing corporations to pollute and injure as much as they want to. After all, the purpose of the civil justice system is accident and injury prevention.  If corporations would use reasonable and cost effective engineering solutions with their products, we would resort far less to the secondary purpose of the civil justice system, compensation for the injured person.

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