How Important is an Immediate Investigation?

You were just in a car wreck with a drunk driver.  You were just in a highway accident with a semi tractor trailer. You were just injured in a construction accident.  Your injury is severe, maybe you are paralyzed, have been badly burned, or have a spinal cord injury or brain injury.  You cannot focus on anything but your medical care and treatment.  You would like to perform an investigation into how the auto accident occurred but you can’t.  Do you say, oh well, it can wait, or do you seek the advice and representation of a qualified accident attorney or injury lawyer?  I recommend, with all my professional experience that you do not wait and let me tell you why.

The insurance company is not waiting.  They have people who will be out combing the accident scene looking for witnesses and evidence which will support their case that YOU were the cause of the truck accident.  If you do not do something, and fast, you are at a big disadvantage to a cold and uncaring insurance industry.

At any accident scene, there are likely to be skid marks on the road, yaw marks and gouges that will fade or changed over time.  In some instances, the skid or yaw marks (Yaw marks are the marks a spinning tire leaves as the car is sliding or turning) are the keys to the story of what happened.  Believe it or not, some people will not tell an accurate story to protect themselves, but the objective physical marks usually don’t lie. 

Your car has a “black box” (See Previous blog on “black boxes”) that may give essential clues to what happened.  It must be preserved before the car is destroyed.  Also the crush of the metal on your car, and the car or truck or semi tractor trailer being driver by the person who caused the automobile collision may be studied to help determine how fast each of the cars were being driven.  This can be very helpful in determining the cause of the collision.  

The attorneys at Young and Young have 55 years of experience helping injured Hoosiers investigate the cause of their very serious injuries.  John Young is a Board Certified Trial Lawyer who knows how to find the facts.  Give him a call. 

In our next blog, we will continue with reasons why an immediate investigation into the facts of your automobile collision is essential.

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