How Important is an Immediate Investigation – part 3

You know the dream, you are back in high school, you know you have a final coming up, but you have not bought the book, you have not been to class and you do not know where the test is going to be.  You feel anxious and nervous because you are not prepared.  A good accident lawyer or injury attorney knows this dream, but the dream is a little different. The injury lawyer knows they have a trial coming up.  The good accident attorney knows how important this trial is to his client.  But he does not know the facts of the case or who his witnesses are.  The lawyer wakes up, relieved, because it is only a dream.  He is relieved because he has performed a thorough investigation and is ready to win at trial. 

People injured in a car wreck with a drunk driver.  People injured in a highway accident with a semi tractor trailer. Hoosiers injured in a construction accident.  People with severe injuries, maybe paralysis, or badly burned, a spinal cord injury or a brain injury, cannot focus on anything but their medical care and treatment.  They want to perform an investigation into how the auto accident occurred but can’t.  Do they say, oh well, it can wait, or do they seek the advice and representation of a qualified accident attorney or injury lawyer. I recommend, with all my professional experience, that they do not wait and let me tell you why. 

The police generally do a good job of investigating a truck accident or a car wreck.  They do not, as a general rule go to the businesses, or houses around the scene of the injury to determine if anyone there saw the auto accident.  We have had cases where a witness to the collision was not listed on the police report, but who saw the collision from their front porch or through the window of their business.  These witnesses have caused the police to change their opinion about the cause of the collision. 

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Documenting the scene of an injury is essential.  Sometimes the police do not take pictures.  You should.  These pictures should include pictures of the cars, the wreck scene, the site of the construction injury, and of the injuries themselves.  Believe it or not, you will heal and your memory of the injury will fade.  A picture will keep the truth preserved.  Now that we have heap digital cameras, take a bunch of photos.  You may not need them all, but if you only take a few, the ones you took may not turn out well and that may be a problem, maybe worse than not taking them at all. 

A good investigation is an immediate investigation that preserves the evidence for later, when you need it.  Contact Young and Young today.  We will insure the investigation is done right.

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