How can an injured person know they are being represented by a qualified attorney

How can an injured person know they are being represented by a qualified attorney. After all being able to buy an ad only means they are able to buy adds. There is nothing in an add that tells you what you need to know. A truly qualified attorney is one who is Certified as a Trial Advocate. The injured person, whether it be a car crash, a semi crash, a construction injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, spine injury, brain injury or any other kind of injury can go to the following website for vital information.

In order to qualify to be a Civil Trial Advocate the attorney must have substantial trial experience, more than 25 jury trials, ongoing experience in the civil litigation area and pass a difficult written examination to qualify. I order to remain certified, the lawyer must continue to represent injured people in Court and stay active in the profession. This includes handling on going trial.

You may have seen or heard of people who claim to be super lawyers. This means nothing, it is a popularity contest and most of the people who are “Super Lawyers” only do it so they can put it in their advertisements to fool the public into thinking they are experienced lawyers. Do not be fooled. Ask your potential lawyer if he or she is certified. You can do this in advance by going to the website referenced above and check it out.

John P. Young and Frederick w. Crow of the Firm of Young and Young are Board Certified Lawyers and have been for almost ten years.

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