Horseplay is Dangerous Driving

 As your Indiana Serious Injury Lawyers, we at Young and Young want you to talk with your kids about horseplay. Horseplay is any action of a passenger or passengers, that distracts the driver of a car.  Horseplay can be as dangerous as drunk driving.  The reason we have drunk driving accidents is because the driver’s reflexes are too slow and their thinking is impaired.  We have talked quite a bit about the dangers of drunk driving and drunk driving accidents.  A car can be, in the hands of a driver who is not fully attuned to the road, a dangerous machine.  Passengers, do not take actions that will demand the attention of the driver away from the road.

 Indiana auto accident attorneysA collision in Noblesville, over the holiday weekend, is more evidence of the dangers associated with distracting a driver. Nicholas Killinger was northbound on Ind. 37, just south of 206th street, when he was distracted by a passenger.  Killinger’s pickup truck crossed the center line on collided head-on with a Kia Spectra driven by Daniel Stone.  Daniel Stone, and his passenger, Lisa Stone both suffered wrongful death as a result of Mr. Killinger being distracted. Mr. Killinger’s passengers were seriously injured in the accident. 

Anything that distracts a driver away from their duty of operating a car safely must be avoided. Other examples of common distractions include texting while driving, driving while talking on the cell phone, reading anything such as a map or a paper, the list goes on and on.  If you must do anything that will take your attention away from the road, please pull of the road to a safe location and take care of your business.  After you have safely concluded your work, drive again.  Parents, please have this discussion with your children.  Children, please have this conversation with your parents and your friends. We all want to get where we are going safely.  Avoiding distracted driving will help us all.

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