Holiday Driving and Semi Crashes

Indiana Personal Injury AttorneysIt is close to Christmas. It is currently Chanukah. Sons, daughters, Mothers, Fathers, cousins, aunts, uncles and more are on the State and Federal highways trying to get home. We hope everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday season. All these folks have to share the road with semi tractor-trailers. Being so close to these big trucks at high speed inevitably lead to semi tractor-trailer crashes. The big truck accidents can be devastating because of the size difference in the vehicles involved. The weight differential causes the likelihood of spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, and even wrongful death.

The trucking industry is committed to safe operation of trucks on the road. After all, avoiding collisions saves them money from repairs, lost stock, increased insurance rates and down time. Reputable companies follow the safety guidelines issued and enforced by the Federal government. These are known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or FMCSR for short. These regulations cover all aspects of the operation of large trucks on the road. They control training for drivers, how much time they can spend behind the wheel in a 24 hour period, maintenance on vehicles, inspections and much much more.

When a family comes to us with questions about their rights arising out of a semi tractor-trailer crash or big truck accident, we turn first to the police investigation and then immediately to the FMCSRs to determine if a violation of one or more of these regulations might have caused, or contributed to cause the collision and injuries. We have been representing Hoosiers injured in car and semi accidents all over Indiana since 1954. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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