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Urban Meyer, coach of the Florida Gators Football team, winner of two national championships in five years, is stepping down.  Urban Meyer is giving up millions of dollars in salary.  He is giving up millions of dollars in endorsements. Urban Meyer is at the top of his game.  Good accident and injury lawyers know why.  His health is the most important thing in life.  If you have your health you have it all.  If you have a fortune, but suffer ill health, you really have very little.

Injury lawyers know that injuries from car accidents, highway accidents, or construction accidents can have devastating impact on the injured person, and her loved ones.  Three significant reasons account for this.  Medical care for injuries, such as brain injury, back injury, spine injury, paralysis, and for injuries which may lead to wrongful death is very expensive.  However, a person who is injured, through the negligence of another (with little or no fault of his own) is entitled to be put back in the physical condition he was in before the car accident or truck accident.  Although we cannot always put a person back the way he was, he is entitled to the best medical care available.  Just like a child knows that she is responsible to make up for the messes she makes, a person who causes these injuries is responsible to make up for it by paying for the best medical care.  (See my previous post about Insurance at trial if you are worried about the negligent person losing all he has worked for- it normally does not happen that way).

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident , car crash, highway crash or construction accident, chances are you will not be able to work at least in the short term.  In the worst cases you can’t work for the rest of your life.  I ask you, who should be responsible for making up for this loss, the person who caused it through her insurance, or taxpayers through social security?  I say it is the responsibility of the person who made the mess, just like the child who makes a mess.

Finally, the third reason is the most important.  Ask Urban Meyer why he gave it all up.  He did it to preserve his health.  He knows that his health is the key to enjoying life.  If a person is hurt in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident and the injury is so severe that they cannot enjoy life because of the constant pain or lack of movement the person who caused that hurt is responsible for making up for all of it.  It is not right to say, well we can never make the pain go away, so we won’t help.  You tell your child to do whatever is necessary to make up for the harm.  So must the negligent cause of the injuries.

Young and Young has more than fifty five years of experience in ensuring that Hoosiers who are hurt by the drunk driver, negligent car accident or construction accident are fully compensated.  Call us now.

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