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At Young and Young we are serious injury lawyers representing seriously injured Hoosiers all over the State of Indiana from our Indianapolis Offices.  We defend the civil justice system from unfair and unfounded attacks by people of corporations who want to attack the system for their own benefit.  The benefit they seek in attacking the civil justice system is to close the Court House doors to deserving Hoosiers who have been injured by others negligence.  These people will say that they do not want to close the doors to legitimately injured Hoosiers, but their actions speak louder than their words.  These people want to give immunity to all sorts of businesses so even if these businesses are negligent and their negligence  results in serious injuries to deserving Hoosiers, the business will not be responsible for making up for the harm they cause.  Honestly, most of these businesses are insured against such claims, so it is really the insurance industry that benefits.  These same people want to cap the damages a person can recover.  Say this injured person has a million dollars in medical care costs caused by the malpractice. This injured Hoosier cannot recover more than $1,250,000.00  Thus, this injured Hoosier will have to apply for Medicare and Medicaid, and instead of the doctor making up for the harm he/she caused, you and I will be taking care of this unfortunate seriously injured Hoosier for the rest of his life.

Another way these people attack the civil justice system is by making up outrageous stories that make the system look like it is the problem.  Of course, by and large these stories are false.

Take for instance the Stella Awards. About this time every year we start getting the “Stella Awards” email ( from friends who think the examples cited are outrageous and somehow want us to comment or justify  the attack on civil justice that these “Awards” put forth. If you get the “Stella Awards” in your email, please, before giving it any credibility or passing it along to your contacts click onto and learn how this is totally false and untruthful. The only thing worse than making up false damnation’s about our civil justice system is to pass that untruth onto your contacts as if it were true. The truth is that we are blessed with the best system in the world to determine the truth and protect parties in either our civil or criminal justice system. Many people have sacrificed ,which has included giving  up their lives, to obtain and preserve our right to trial by jury.  Our state and federal constitutions recognize this rights importance and are  written to preserve our basic rights including our  right to trial by jury.  We also have a freedom of speech which those same people sacrificed and died to obtain and preserve. It is not the freedom of truthful speech.  Unfortunately that freedom allows and often protects untruths and distortions to be spread just as easily as the truth. It is our duty to look with a critical eye when we read things like the “Stella Awards”, because while our freedom of speech protects its dissemination it does not guarantee it truthfulness… Thanks for your consideration in stopping this outrageous attack on our precious right to trial by jury which so many sacrificed to preserve.

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