Five Things to Do if You Are Hurt in an Auto Accident

We’re You Injured in An Auto Accident?

If you are hurt in an auto accident whether it be auto, truck or motorcycle there are five things you should do to make sure that your rights are protected.

1) Call the Police & Obtain a Police Report

If there are injuries or property damage it is important to call the police and have them do a report. This better insures that you will get the other parties correct address and accurate insurance information.

2) Take Pictures / Videos of the Accident Scene

It is also important that you, if possible, or someone on your behalf take pictures of the scene, vehicles, skid marks and other drivers. This provides valuable information for later on if there is a dispute as to any facts.

This is easy now with most cell phones having cameras. If your phone  has video capability this can also be helpful, especially if the other driver is admitting their fault at the scene.  It is also important to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses at the scene. Often not all witnesses give statements and often not all witnesses appear in the police report.

3) Contact YOUR Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company and find out what coverage’s you have that might apply.  You might have medical coverage that would supplement your health insurance and if you do not have health insurance it might pay some of your bills . Your property damage coverage could be helpful if the other sides insurance in reluctant to resolve your property damage claim. In serious personal injury claims uninsured and underinsured coverage’s might provide relief to you where the other driver either has no insurance or has  insufficient coverage.

4) If injured – Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

If you are injured you should seek medical treatment promptly because often the earlier treatment is sought it results in a better physical recovery.

5) Call A Lawyer to Get Legal Help

You should also call a lawyer that you know and find out if they do these types of cases. If they do not then ask them to refer you a trusted personal injury lawyer so that you can find out what you should do and not do. This will preclude your doing something that might  make any claim you might have more difficult or in the more extreme case miss a deadline that could result in your claim being denied.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to keep a copy of our Car Accident Checklist in your glovebox so that you are prepared incase of an accident. If you were in an accident and need help in Indianapolis, call the expert personal injury lawyers at Young & Young Law today!

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