Economic Doldrums Have Little Influence on Brain Injury Compensation

An interesting story posted at suggests that there is no let up in money damages awarded for catastrophic personal injuries such as brain trauma despite a precarious economy.

Even a so-called mild head trauma can have far-reaching consequences for the injured person and that person’s family. The article notes that a severe concussion can–among many symptoms–affect the victim’s personality,
judgment, and concentration–which in turn can directly affect his or her ability to continue to earn a normal living.

According to the article, several factors continue to influence large out-of-court settlements or jury awards in favor of those who have suffered brain injuries:

  • – ever higher medical bills, including home care costs
  • – personal injury lawyers with the know-how to demonstrate the extent of brain   
  •   injuries through high-tech evidence and changes in the injured person’s behavior
  •   and moods
  • – jury sympathy for what the injured person is going through

As a lawyer quoted in the article puts it, "All personal injury cases with real objective damages that strike a chord with jurors still have the potential for high damage awards."

If you believe that you (or a family member) have sustained a severe concussion, it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney in addition to obtaining expert medical attention. As a result of the potentially devastating nature of a blow to the head, representation by the best possible attorney is crucial for a fair recovery against the responsible party. John P. Young is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana, serving as its chair for two years. Mr. Young has 20 years of experience helping Hoosiers and their families deal with brain injury. Call him at Young & Young in Indianapolis and let him assist you and your family.

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