Drunk Driving is Not Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas. What I want for Christmas is for every loved one to be home, in the bosom of their family for the season.   If we all pull together we can make this happen.  What I mean is do not drink and drive. Drunk Driving Accidents prevent loved ones from being with their families over the holidays. Drunk Driving crashes cause serious personal injury including, but not limited to broken bones, spinal cord injury, Brain injury and wrongful death.  Brain injury not only takes the loved one out of the home and puts them in the hospital.  Brain injury will affect the family every Christmas to come because of the care needed by the survivor, and the fact that brain injury changes the survivor, such that they may not be the same person they were. Spinal Cord injury, please don’t place this burden on a fellow Hoosier, and their family.

Drunk Driving crashes also take the driver out of the home.  If the drunk driver is not dealing with a serious personal injury, and in the hospital, then they will be in the drunk tank.  Either way, they are not home for Christmas.  Please don’t make little Billy and Suzie ask “where is my mommy?”  or “When is daddy coming home?”.  Be there for them.  Allow your fellow Hoosiers to be their for their families.  Give your keys to a designated driver.  Take a cab.  Walk home.  Call a friend, just don’t drive drunk.

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