Drunk Driver Compensation

Thousands of Hoosiers are killed, paralyzed, suffer spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation, and wrongful death in a car accident with a drunk driver. Traffic accidents with drunk drivers cost the injured or killed Hoosier and their families dearly not only in medical bills and lost income, but also in the loss of the injured or killed persons love, attention and affection.  The reader might say that the lost wages and the medical bills are the real burden, but I say that loneliness is what we humans fear most.  Isolation from our friends and loved ones is terrifying.  It costs us our support network and our sense of security.  Taking a spouse or a child away from us opens a hole in our lives we may never again be able to fill.  If loneliness is not the worst loss we can suffer, then why are internet match services so popular, why do churches have mixers for singles, why is that when an old person is left alone they die more quickly?  Loneliness is devastating.

When the drunk driver enters our world and causes a fatal accident, or a car wreck that paralyzes, or a traffic accident that result in back injury and brain injury, the law gives the injured a remedy.  Often an accident attorney or accident lawyer will be an important early call.  This is important because the capable accident lawyer will immediately begin an investigation to preserve all the evidence needed to ensure proper compensation for the victim.

Tire marks on the road, such as skid marks, fade quickly on busy streets.  A good accident lawyer will visit the scene within days of being hired to document the scene with pictures and measurements.  You may think, well hey, the police have been at the scene, surely they will document the scene.  While this may be true, often they do not take enough pictures and often will make no measurements at all.  If a thorough documentation of the scene is not made, crucial evidence may be lost, allowing the drunk driver the opportunity to get away with not compensating you or your loved one.

In our next blog, we will continue with how a good accident and injury attorney insures you and your family are protected when a drunk driver causes a traffic accident or a highway accident.  The tips contained in this blog are based on more than fifty five years of experience investigating drunk driver car wrecks.  Fifty five years  of experience from a family law firm helping our fellow Hoosiers.

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