“Drew’s Law” Aimed At Drunk Drivers Sent to Indiana Governor

A bill that would make it a crime to cause the death of an unborn child in a drunk driving accident is close to becoming law in Indiana. The Indiana Senate unanimously approved the measure in January and the House subsequently approved it unanimously in late February. “Drew’s Law,” which would amend IC 9-30-5-5, is now on the desk of Governor Mitch Daniels. Criminal penalties would also apply in the case of reckless driving.

The law is named for Drew Steinberger, who was killed in a horrific accident on New Year’s Eve 2007. Drew’s parents, Dustin and Danielle, championed the new law and set up a special website to publicize the measure. According to Richmond’s Pal-Item.com: “Drew was two weeks from his delivery date when his mother’s car was struck head-on by another vehicle in Richmond. Drew did not survive the accident and her injuries ended Danielle Steinberger’s ability to carry another child.”

It also turned out that the perpetrator had a history of motor vehicle violations including impaired driving but was never charged with DUI because apparently no blood samples were taken a the time of this tragic accident.

In addition to facing criminal charges, drunk drivers who injure other motorists or passengers can also be sued in civil court for money damages. If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt by a driver under the influence, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Young and Young in Indianapolis to obtain full information about your legal rights.

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