Distracted Drivers Put Indiana Highways in Danger – Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorneys

To our fellow Hoosiers, we know you are aware of the dangers that distracted drivers pose on the roads.  However, as your Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys, and Indiana Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys and Indiana Truck Accident lawyers, we want to share with you the following compilations of cars disregarding red lights.  Most of these incidents occurred because the offending driver was distracted by either texting, talking on their phone, eating, changing the dial on their radio or picking up something they dropped on the floor.  Although you cannot stop other people from doing dangerous and stupid things, please warn your family , and friends to put away those things which distract drivers.  Tell your children, have empathy for others on the road.  Know that they want to get to work to support their families.  Let them know that the other people on the road have the right to get home safely to be with their families.  Whatever you are doing in the car that is distracting you from driving safely can be put aside and done later, or you can stop the car and do what you must do.  Be careful fellow Hoosiers.

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