Defensive Driving Tips For the Fall/Winter

We’ve blogged previously about the shared responsibility for defensive driving on Indiana roads. Defensive driving is essentially operating your car  in a manner that anticipates the actions, reactions, and mistakes of others sharing the road with you.

Although we have no control over the behavior of other motorists, defensive driving is a way to make a good faith effort to avoid accidents. if we all work together, the roads will be safer, with the less likelihood of a vehicle accident.

Courtesy of the Indiana State Police, here are a few tips for defensive driving especially as summer ends and we head into the adverse weather season:

  • wear your safety belt at all times
  • don’t tailgate–always leave a safety cushion of at least two car lengths per 10 mph that you are traveling
  • when braking on ice, apply gentle but firm pressure without locking brakes
  • watch for pedestrians–poor visibility and slippery conditions provide hazardous walkways and crossing
  • anticipate the actions of others
  • to regain control during a skid, release brakes and gently steer the car in the direction of the skid.

The summer does seem to fly by, doesn’t it? The ISP also says that the fall is a good time to refill your antifreeze, check your brakes and battery, replace wiper blades, and refill washer fluid if necessary.

If you have been injured in a road accident despite your best efforts at defensive driving, contact the Indiana personal injury lawyers at Young and Young in Indianapolis. We stand ready to help with 55 years of experience.

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