Damages can be to property (trees) as well as person

We most often get calls when someone is seriously injured as a result of an auto accident or other event that causes wrongful death or injury as a result of negligence.  Damages can come in the form of injury to  property as well. A recent example is occurring in the form of  damage to trees including mainly Norway spruce and white pines. A relatively new lawn care herbicide is believed to be causing damage to these trees which may require their removal and replacement. A recent notice from DuPont indicates that the herbicide Imprelis may be harming the trees.  IF you have pines or spruce trees that appear to be dying in an area where this product was used you should call contact the State Chemist office (765-494-1582) and file a report to have your damage investigated and documented. If the damages were causes by negligent application then there may be insurance coverage to help defray the cost of removal and replacement. Another source to contact is your homeowners to see if you have purchased protection against  these types of losses.  In either situation a valuable tool to help prove the loss is an official investigation by the state chemist.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.