Control of Domestic Animals

Owners of dogs and other domesticated animals have a duty to confine them to their property to avoid injury and hazards to others.  While it makes sense in urban areas which often have “leash ordinances” that require dogs to be on a leash when taken off the owners property , many dog owners especially in rural areas do not  realize their responsibility or ignore the legal duty to keep their dogs confined to their property.

One of the reasons for this duty is the recognition that a dog in the roadway is a hazard and a danger not only to the dog but to users of the road (whether they are in motor vehicles, on bicycles, mopeds or motorcycles).  Prevention is easy and affordable.  It could be accomplished by use of a leash, tether, pen or dog run, conventional fence or an invisible fence.  The risk to the dog and users of the roadway is foreseeable and should be prevented by use of any of these methods.

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