Car Crashes in the Country

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There are a lot of differences between living in the country and living in the city.  For one, traffic is generally less congested in the country.  This fact alone does not relieve drivers in the country from using due care in the use of their car.  There are just different dangers in the country.  When a car is driving down the road and approaches an intersection, and the corn is high, and there is no stop sign, be careful, the sign might not yet have been placed by the county for either direction of traveler.  As no one approaching the can see anything of the intersecting road until  they are at the intersection, any driver should slow as they approach the intersection to make sure the other direction of travel is clear. Automobile collisions at blind intersections can be violent causing serious personal injury and even wrongful death.

At this time of year, the harvest is being completed.  This necessarily means that farmers, and their employees will be using the country roads to move their oversized equipment from field to field.  These slow moving vehicles generally take up more than just one lane of the road  and are moving slowly.  The farmer operating this equipment have the same obligation to follow the rules of the road as all other vehicular traffic.  The farm equipment must stop at stop signs, yield the right of way and keep a proper look out.  These vehicles are also required to display the slow moving symbols on their vehicles.  A failure to honor these rules of the road can, unfortunately result in serious injury and wrongful death.  In West Point, Indiana, yesterday, a combine being operated on a country road in order to move from one field to another apparently failed to stop at a stop sign and yield the right of way to a minivan transporting a family.  The collision caused the deaths of all three passenger of the van.  Our prayers go out to the family members of the lost family. This is an unfortunate example of how not following the rules of the road.  We implore all operators of equipment on the road to follow the rules of the road for your  own safety and for the safety of all other Hoosiers using those same roads.


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