Campus Safety Recommendations

In addition to kids in public school, parents in this back-to-school season also need to be mindful of the safety of their children who have left the nest to embark on the new college semester. This is especially true for incoming freshman moving in to a dormitory for the first time and who may be somewhat unfamiliar with campus life. Courtesy of the Indiana State Police, here are a few higher-education safety tips for the dorm and out and about on campus:

  • –  Keep your dorm room door locked whenever the room is unoccupied, if you are in
  •    the room alone or if you are sleeping.
  • –  Take care of your room keys. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to duplicate
  •    them and never leave a key over the door or nearby your room. [That could also
  •    apply to car keys]
  • –  Don’t leave valuables, like your wallet, checkbook or jewelry, in open view.
  • –  Keep drapes closed when changing clothes.
  • –  Never walk or jog alone at night. If alone, avoid secluded or dimly lit areas. Stay
  •    away from wooded areas or locations where shrubs or buildings might provide
  •    cover for assailants.
  • –  Never hitchhike or offer rides to strangers.
  • –  Have your car or residence hall key (or swipe card) in hand and ready as you
  •    approach your vehicle or dorm.
  • –  If you are at a party, never leave your drink unattended. It becomes an easy
  •    target for someone to spike with alcohol or drugs.
  • –  Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.

In addition, with binge drinking unfortunately also a popular activity on and off campus,  college students should once again be reminded never to drink and drive. As we have documented time after time, the consequences of getting behind the wheel in an intoxicated condition can be horrendous. A car wreck or even a  fatal accident, caused by a drunk driver be the result. Call a cab, make arrangements with a designated driver, or find another safe way back home or to the dorm. As we mentioned in a previous blog entry, tell your college-age children to stay put if it’s safe; anything to keep them from drinking and driving.

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