Bike to Work Day

Indianapolis Personal Injury AttorneyMotorists, tomorrow is Bike to Work Day.  As a long time rider of my bike to and from work, I want to share with you some of the things that make life dangerous for a biker when dealing with cars.  First, bikes are smaller and slower than cars.  Therefore bikes will always lose in a bike car collision.  When the bike loses in the bike auto collision, the biker is likely to suffer serious personal injury including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, brain injury and possible wrongful death. So, be on the lookout for the bike rider.

Speed kills and impatience maims.   The bike rider has an equal right to use the roads as do cars.  I think everyone knows and understands this on a logical level, but the idea can get lost in the need to pick up the kids, get to work on time or to arrive anywhere that is important to the car driver.  Know first that these concerns are equally important to the bike rider.  Hopefully the bike rider will have budgeted sufficient time to get where they are going so that they follow the rules of the road.  When you are in your car, give the bike room.  Usually I am pressed by cars that seem to be in a hurry.  When I say pressed, I mean squeezed tightly by the moving car and the parked car.  I, on my bike are in further danger by this situation because the parked car may suddenly open a door causing me to choose whether to hit the door or  the moving car.   Whenever the squeeze is put on me, I always think to myself that I hope another motorist will give the squeezer’s children more consideration than the squeezer is giving me.  I think this because I know the squeezer would want their children to be safe, just as I want to be safe.

I think that when motorists put bikers in danger it stems from two situations.  The first is negligence, that car driver is just not paying attention.  Hopefully people will become more aware.  The second reason really scares me.  It is the idea the “What is good for me is good, it does not matter how it affects anyone else.” This person thinks only of their own interests and cares little for anyone else.  Bikers know that these folks are out there.  Be careful.

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