Back to School Roadway Safety

The summer seems to go by fast, doesn’t it? Schools in some parts of Indiana will be back in session as early as next week, with the resulting increase in car traffic (and the possibility of a road accident) in the morning and late afternoon. Avoiding any kind of traffic accident should be on your back-to-school list.

With that in mind, state and local police are reminding motorists of all ages to exercise caution when traveling on school bus routes and through school zones. Drivers should be particularly alert in case a child darts out into the roadway. The Indiana State Police particularly warn that traffic in both directions must stop for the extended “stop arm” on the school bus while it loads and unloads children. Remember that this also includes traffic in all lanes in both directions on multi-lane roadways unless there is a physical barrier, a median, or a diving section constructed to impede vehicular traffic.

According to the state police, anyone who sees a motorist disregarding a school bus stop arm or other forms of reckless driving behavior around school buses or school zones should try to note the license plate number and vehicle description (and driver description if possible) of the vehicle in question, and then call the police.

In a subsequent post, we’ll pass along some safety recommendations for students on their way to school, especially for if you have kids that might be riding the school bus for the first time.

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